Announcing the Academy Investor Network

Sherman Williams (USNA ’03) and Emily McMahan (USMA ’01) are proud to announce the launch of the Academy Investor Network (AIN). We are a team of U.S. military service academy graduates with extensive experience in venture investing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to enable fellow service academy alumni to invest in high-growth startups. We seek to inspire Academy Alumni to come together to connect, learn, and invest in the venture asset class through a virtual platform.

Who we invest in: AIN invests in i) veteran-led startups (industry agnostic), and ii) civilian-led startups in the government technology space at the pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages. Our staff will vet and bring the most high-quality startups to our syndicate.

Who can join our platform: Graduates from the United States Naval Academy, Military Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine Academy can join the platform and invest.

Uniqueness of our platform: We democratize access to high-growth startups by enabling both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest and we provide educational content to our syndicate members. Joining our syndicate is invite-only, at no cost, and the only requirement is to be a Service Academy graduate. AIN’s virtual platform taps into the collective experience of service academy alumni in order to diligence startups.

If you are a service academy graduate, please go to our landing page and insert your information, also we ask that you take a look at our website and find out more about the Academy Investor Network.