At Academy Investor Network, we invest in venture backable startups at the Pre-Seed and Series A stage.

The world's a stage, and on our stage, the entrepreneur is the star. We work for the entrepreneur and are hyper-focused on helping fund our startups the most efficiently. We commit to leveraging our time and expertise from our network to help your startup.


How do we help?

We make actionable introductions and provide guidance for navigating obstacles. We commit to being responsive to your needs. Our syndicate members understand hard work and perseverance, and we will leverage this to help your company succeed.


Your startup must either be veteran-led (industry agnostic) or a civilian-led startup that is focused on GovTech / DefenseTech space. We are looking for industry changing startups led by even more innovative founders who are not satisfied with the status-quo and are willing to put in the time and commitment to change things for the better.


This is a completely syndicate-based fund. Currently, all money invested will come from our syndicate members. We invest via a Special Purpose Vehicle, so there will only be one line item on your capitalization table.


  • We will review your application and inform if we decide to move forward or not within a 3-week time frame from date of submission.
  • If we decide to move forward, we will take two weeks to prepare your deal to go onto our platform, as well as alert our syndicate members that the deal is up for consideration.
  • After acceptance, we will host a 1 hour video teleconference presentation. 30 min of which will be Q&A.
  • Post teleconference, we will give our syndicate members as well as AINs Investment Committee two weeks to decide if we are going to fund the deal.
  • Our goal is to fund your company within four weeks after we decide whether or not to consider your deal.