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The Key Patterns in Dual-Use Technology

By Sherman Williams | September 1, 2021

Authored by: Richard Tippit, Geoffrey Yang, Ryan Chen, and Ashley Sogge. The Academy Investor Network conducted a study on dual-use technology companies that have successfully raised over $5M of investor funding. By analyzing 500 dual-use companies, the study reveals patterns amongst these dual-use technology companies that may inform the reader of what to look for […]

2020 Venture Capital Year in Review

By Sherman Williams | February 1, 2021

By Sherman Williams Venture capital (VC) is fundamentally about investing in future innovation. There can be several catalysts that fuel this innovation. Still, I believe it is most important to consider a company’s ability to change consumer behavior, whether the consumer is an individual or a business. In 2020, COVID-19 significantly changed consumer behavior and […]

Venture Math

By Sherman Williams | September 1, 2020

Academy Investor Network Educational Newsletter Authored by: Erik Hoffstadt, Edward (E.J.) Leo, Ashley Sogge & Brian Hwang The following storyline is meant to be illustrative of venture math principles. We will follow the lifecycle of a fictional early-stage venture in order to highlight some of the most common investment vehicles and provisions such as SAFEs, […]

Macro Investing and Where VC Fits In Your Portfolio

By Sherman Williams | August 1, 2020

Authored by: Erik Hoffstadt, Edward (E.J.) Leo & Ashley Sogge The simple truth is that most people, including veterans, are not very savvy when it comes to investing. There might be a few people in a given wardroom who understand the difference between the C-Fund and G-Fund or the tax advantages of a Roth IRA […]

Venture Capital Vocabulary

By Sherman Williams | July 15, 2020

Authored by: Erik Hoffstadt, Edward (E.J.) Leo & Ashley Sogge If we told you that you were in a “CBDR situation with a merchant one thousand yards off the port bow,” anyone with a naval background should recognize danger. However, a U.S. Army Ranger might not think twice. Within the broader military community, each branch […]

Academy Investor Network Educational Newsletter

By Emily McMahan | July 1, 2020

The Academy Investor Network’s (AIN) mission is to invest in top-tier startups while also exposing service academy graduates to the venture asset class, usually only available to accredited investors (high net-worth individuals). Our team recognizes venture investing can be challenging to navigate and unnecessarily exclusive. For service academy graduates new to investing, AIN is demystifying […]

Academy Investor Network – Solving an Ecosystem Problem

By Sherman Williams | June 24, 2020

The Academy Investor Network (AIN) is an investment syndicate of service academy graduates (SAG’s) from the five 100% publicly financed U.S. Military Institutions. AIN’s mission is to expose SAG’s to the venture asset class, while ensuring startups that fit within our thesis receive funding, guidance and mentorship. AIN’s investment thesis is to invest in i) […]

Announcing the Academy Investor Network

By Emily McMahan | June 1, 2020

Sherman Williams (USNA ’03) and Emily McMahan (USMA ’01) are proud to announce the launch of the Academy Investor Network (AIN). We are a team of U.S. military service academy graduates with extensive experience in venture investing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to enable fellow service academy alumni to invest in high-growth startups. We […]

Academy Investor Network Overview

By Sherman Williams | May 27, 2020

What is the Academy Investor Network: We are a diverse team and mission-driven group of U.S. Service Academy Graduates (SAGs) with experience in early stage startups, venture capital, the veteran venture ecosystem and M&A. Our team is solving the problem that many military veterans often face, accessing venture capital funding. Academy Investor Network Values: Be bold. Be honest. […]